How to Process a tenant refund rent

If the tenant has overpaid their rent then they will be due a refund. You can check for Tenant Refunds through Tenant Reports. This report should be run prior to month end.

Before processing the tenant refund, enter the tenant's bank account details in the tenant details screen. This will allow you to do a Generate File to upload to the bank.

Instructions - Processing the tenant refund

  • Go to Transactions - Click on the left hand drop down arrow
  • Click on Refund - Rent
  • Click on the green arrow


  • Find the tenant
  • Check the amount
  • Once finished click on OK
  • Then click Process
  • Then click on Online File
  • The tenant should be sitting there (Only if you had a bank account)
  • Then click on generate and save the file to your desktop
  • Close out
  • Remember to upload the file to the bank
  • You can now go back to the tenant and archive them.
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