EXIFImageFix-Image Rotation in Palace

Is your client  having trouble uploading photos into advertising? Pictures are the wrong way up but correct in Palace...
Then you will need to go online with the Client and Transfer the following Folder that's in the Real-base live Google Drive, to the clients computer and Install EXIFIMAGE FIX Program.
In Fast support you will see the option to transfer File-Press on this icon and go to the Google Drive-Palace-EXIFImage folder.
EXIFImageFix under the Palace folder in Google Drive
Please double click on the following,
This will now Be selected and start to transfer to the clients computer
Once down load is completed, you need to open the file up in the Transfer box of Fast Support.
Inside the folder you will find a Zip archive. It contains EXIFImageFix.exe, some sample images and a pdf that explains how to use it.
Double click the icon and select extract All and then press exact and Load the program
Essentially it allows you to correct the orientation of images when taken with devices that store orientation information. When these images are displayed on web pages such as trademe, the images will be in the orientation they were taken in and not in the orientation it was displayed in on the devices.
Load your Image, Correct the rotation and Save
When you go to save, select the files original destination and replace the old file.
Unfortunately you will need to do this for each photo individually as your unable to do a bulk amount of photos


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