Version 6.14


Change of Property Owner

When using the Change of Ownership wizard, the property now shows on both the Property Lost and Property Won reports. We've also included the option to duplicate the tenancy against the old property to collect debt owing to the original owner.

Email Forwarding

If you use the Palace Email Domain setting to send and receive emails within Palace, Palace will now also forward those emails on to your email client (Outlook, Google Apps, Apple Mail, etc). This means if you've sent an email from within Palace, and an owner, tenant or creditor replies, those replies will be saved in Palace AND will also be sent to your Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail accounts (and available on your phones). PLEASE NOTE, this option needs to be turned on and is only available for PALACE LIVE users.

Fix: Custom Views

You can now save your custom view data to an HTML (export custom views).

Archiving a Property

When you archive a property, you are now asked whether or not your also want to stop all repetitive charges on the property.

Fix: Email Merging

When using email mail-merging, you have the option of whether or not you'd like to send the email as an attachment, or as text within the body of the email. If you sent it as text, the default message for PDF messages was also sent. This has been tidied up.

Fix: General Ledger List

Now shows in alphabetical order.

Invoice - Creditor transaction

When charging a tenant for an invoice received from a creditor, a copy of the invoice is now sent to the tenant when processing the Invoice - Creditor transaction.

REI Forms Live Integration

Palace now integrates with REIFormsLive in Australia for document merging. The following video explains how to use it:

Repetitive Charges for Tenants

These can now be setup for a tenant in the tenant diary area.

Charging Owner Letting Fee

You can now do a Charge Owner from the Receipt Multiple transaction screen and Receipt Rent transaction screen (AUS ONLY). This is mainly for charging Owner Letting Fees.

Change Log

Change log report can now be filtered by Agent, Type, and Date Range.

Importing Bank Statement

You can now match Other Amounts Owing to specific invoices before batch processing. More details are also provided on the new Details tab:

Owner/Tenant Portal

You can now sort the columns (in the Internet Transfer window) by Name and Password.

There are always numerous little fixes and enhancements that we haven't mentioned specifically, but you'll notice when using Palace. Many of these have been added to provide a more seamless experience.

Tenancy Debtor

When you put a vacate date into a tenant, a new tickbox appears at the bottom of the screen saying Tenancy Debtor. If this is ticked it will take this tenant and move them from the current list to a new Debtor list
You can access this from the View - tenants (Debtor) list.
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