What do I need to do to fix up an assigned Tenant to the Wrong Property

Please do the following steps

Make sure the Correct Property is already entered into Palace

Duplicate the Tenant 

Right Click on the Tenant and Press Duplicate

A property Box will pop up, Please type in the correct Address you need to have assigned the Tenant too.

Now go to the tenant (that's been attached to the wrong property) and Change the vacate date to the same as their start date in the edit screen.

Change the Rent Rate to 0.00 on the front of the Edit screen of the Tenant and Make sure to check the options Tab and under Rent Changes make sure this is also set to 0.00

Now Save

Right Click on the Tenant (that's been attached to the wrong property) and Select Archive

This will Remove the Tenant from the Incorrect property.

Note:This won't show anything on the Owners Statement for this property.


If you go back to the correct Property make sure it's active and then go to the Tenant Assigned to this Property. 

Check in the edit screen that Start date, Rent Rate and any other information required are correct.

Check the Options Tab-Rent Changes Area (make sure the start date and rent rate are correct)

Now Save






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