How to handle licensed creditors renewals

Creditors in Australia have to be licensed and their licence and Insurance expires yearly. It is important that you do not deal with unlicensed and uninsured creditors. Palace can help with this. 

The idea of the Reminder is to prompt the maintenance department to contact the suppliers about renewing their license. When the License has been renewed, the reminder can be edited and the new License expiry date enters. Changing the expiry date means that it need not be "processed" as it will disappear when the reminder date is in the future.

If a License expires without being renewed, then the Creditor is to be archived. If it has a balance on it, it is to be placed on Hold. (The reminder will remain in the messages area to prompt users to obtain expiry information OR to archive the Creditor)

These Reminders should not be set as Repetitive even if licenses are renewable once a year to avoid the possibility of a user processing the reminder by mistake.


Setting a New Diary Reminder


It is important to note the following


  • The Reminder date should always be set a month before the license expiry date.
  • A new diary group needs to be set up called " License Expiry"
  • The reminder must include Insurance and licencing details, numbers and the expiry date.

  • Go to the creditor list, find the creditor that you wish to set a reminder against, right click and choose Diary.
  • In the diary click on Reminder
  • Agent: You can set this reminder for someone else and it will show in their reminders or leave your own name
  • Click save when finished. 

NOTE:  This will now save in your diary permanently and will show in the reminders tab on the day that it is due, ready for you to process it


Processing the Reminder

Processing means starting and completing the Task, once the task has been completed it will disappear from the reminder list but stay in the diary. If it is a repetitive reminder, a new reminder will be auto created in the diary and sit there until the day it is due, then it will show in your reminders.

Instructions - Processing reminders

  • Click on the "Home" button (on the left hand side menu)

  • Click on the Reminders tab
  • Select the entries that you want to process
  • Click on the blue arrow
  • Say yes to the pop up box  (Just telling you that this option will process all your selected items)
  • Click on Process
  • A pop up box will tell you that your reminders have been processed. They are now sitting as completed in the diary.
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