How to Check Current Rent Status

Before you go to the final inspection you need to check the current financial status of the tenant.

There are two suggested places to check this information

1) The Tenant Details area

2) Tenant Reports - Total Amounts Owing


Instructions - Checking the final status of the tenant

  • Find the tenant in the tenant list. Double click or right click and click on Details
  • Click on the Rental Tab - This will show if there is any rent, rent in credit or other amounts owing

  • OR
  • Click on Tenant Reports (Left hand side menu)

Click on the Total Amounts Owing Report

  • This report will show all the tenants, just scroll down until you find the relevant tenant. This report will show you all monies owing including Letting Fee or Bond.

This will let you know whether the tenant owes money or is due a refund

If it already shows that the tenant has money in credit now (i.e overpaid) you need to go to the Property and click on edit and put that amount on keep back, so that you do not pay out the Owner. (unless you are doing the refund immediately)



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