How to Set Up A Reminder

It is a good idea to set a reminder so that you are reminded at least 3 days before vacate to make sure you have anything ready.

  • Go to the diary of the person or property that you wish to set a reminder against
  • In the diary click on Reminder

  • Type in the description for the reminder i.e vacating tenant
  • Select a group from the drop down box, if relevant. i.e you could set up a group called “Tenant Vacate” and then you can run a Diary report on them if you wanted
  • Agent: You can set this reminder for someone else and it will show in their reminders or leave your own name
  • Set the date on which you want the reminder to pop up
  • Click save when finished.
  • NOTE:  This will now save in your diary permanently and will show in the reminders tab on the day that it is due, ready for you to process it.


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