What do I need to do if My Tenant has written a Vacate Notice to Me

As soon as you receive written notification of a tenant’s intention to vacate enter the date into Palace straight away and set a reminder to come up on the vacate date.

Instructions - Entering in a Vacate Date

  • Go to the Tenant List
  • Find the Tenant, right click and click on Edit
  • Enter in the vacate date
  • Click on Save - A series of pop up boxes will appear
  • The first one:

  • If you say yes to changing the available date, then a date box will pop up.



  • The next pop up box will not always appear, only if the rental price on the tenant is different than on the property.

  • The last pop up box is asking about putting the owners funds on hold - Normally you would click no, however if you are losing the Owner then it would be a good idea to answer yes, and put money on hold.

  • The Tenant screen will now close

(Note: Please look at our PDF Help file for full Vacating procedure, Under Vacating )

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