What if I have converted from Rest Data Conversions

There are two commonly asked questions from clients who have converted from Rest that you need to be aware of, and know how to respond. 
1. Why are there no Rent in Credit amounts - the amounts owing are wrong !
The data conversion itself does not move the Rest credit amount into the Palace rent in credit (part payment) area. Instead, the conversion reduces the first period's rent rate by the credit amount, creating the first rent change record with this reduced amount. (The tenant's rent rate also shows this reduced figure. So the credit is established by "requiring" less money in the first period. The conversion then also creates a second rent change record with the standard rent rate, to re-establish the normal rent rate. As soon as the first rent receipt is processed (usually the full rent amount), part of it is used up at the first period's rent rate and the balance is thrown into the part payment area of Palace.
2. Why are the tenant's details not showing on the works orders even though we have ticked that we require them ?
This is because the tenants start dates have been set to the day after the paid to date - not the original start date in Rest. Palace considers that the tenant has not yet started, and therefore excludes the tenant form the works order. We set the start date to the day after the paid to date because it is from that date that we will be processing transactions, and reports like the Summary of Rent report can only be correct if we have transactions from the "start date". Tenants will start appearing on works orders when the works order date (today) passes the tenant's new "start date". In the meantime users must enter the tenants details in the notes area of the work order.
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