How to set up Out of Office Auto Reply for your Palace Email

IMPORTANT: You can only use 'Full Integration' with Auto-Replies if you are setup for an 'Email Domain'... otherwise it will NOT work.
Under tools for setting up and clearing 'Auto-Replies'...  This applies to the 'Logged In' agent only.  So each agent can now setup their own 'Away' message.  You're welcome to test this out on your own systems, but you will need to apply for an integration code yourself and get Charles to supply you with the key.
On Add / Edit you will get the following form...
This will then return an email with the 'RE: <subject>' appended to the end of the 'Away' message.
NOTE: You can set a Start and End date and time and the message you want to display.  At the moment the message can be setup with formatted text but does not support images or signatures, so the FULL message will need to entered along with a sign off.
Once you select OK, the message will be setup to 'Auto-Reply' and any users replying to this agent will automatically get emails back with the subject that was entered, along the the reply subject.
Note - If you want to take this feature off manually because you didn't put a end date in, Please go to Tools-Options Auto Reply- Add/Edit and put in the end date or remove the auto reply
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