Version 6.13

Change of Owner Wizard

When a property gets and change hands between owners, there are quite a few items that need to be addressed. We've created a Transfer Wizard that now does a lot of the work for you. Right-click property and choose Transfer. Keeps all tenancy details and property diary details. Take a look:




Integration with REILivesForms

The integration with REI Lives Forms for NSW and QLD in Australia has also been completed. Notes on how to use this will follow in the next few days.

Out of Office Email Reply

In order to Activate this feature each company needs to order a special code for our new 'Mail Integration' service. More information can be found here.

Custom Views

Video and mention Exceptions: Can now do custom view on Bond Other and Bond Owing/Held fields

Owner Portal

Inspections created on the App were not auto-ticking (for auto-uploading), but they are now.

Barcode scanning on Invoices

Now reduces keep back on properties.

Strict Audit

There are now 3 options with regards to the Strict Audit Control:

Switched off for the whole portfolio
Switched on at Owner level (properties can be overdrawn if funds exist in another property owned by the same owner. Owner cannot be overdrawn).
Switched on at Property level (properties cannot be overdrawn even if funds exist in another property owned by the same owner).

Key System

Will now check for key duplication and will auto-create the next key number.

Wording Changed

Wording changed for 'overpaid rent', now says 'tenant paid past vacate date - reimburse tenancy'.

Sequential Numbers for Receipting

Palace now generate sequential numbers for receipts for Australian auditing requirements. This can be turned on Under Management options in File, System Setup ("use sequential numbers for receipts").

Month End Statements

You can now edit the subject line of your emailed month end statements, this is done under statement options, email template in month end wizard.

Importing Bank Statements

Automatically runs the matching function.

Updating Property Rent

The Property Rent Amount automatically updates when a tenant rents is changed.

Owner Financial Tab

On the Owner Financial Tab, (next to the Total Amount Due to Owner) Palace will now show if your owners are on Keep Back or Hold.


  • Tenancy Detail Report now also shows the Effective Paid-To date.
  • New statement type for Owners with large portfolios.
  • Commercial invoices now shows the owner GST number rather than the company GST number.
  • Property list can now be filtered by active or inactive status.
  • Under File, System Setup, under management options, you can now opt to send Tenant Invoices from the property managers email address (as opposed to the admin email).


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