I have just installed citrix but doesn't seem to still load??

If you have recently Downloaded Citrix onto a new computer to be able to use Palace Live and finding that you are still unable to access the second Login screen of Palace this may caused by a pop Blocker in your Internet Browser.


How do you know if you have a Pop-Up Blocker? 

On the right hand side of your Internet Browser where you would usually type the  Internet Link in the Tab, you will see a little icon that looks like a Battery(sometimes can be Red) click on the icon and select Continue to allow Realbaselive

This will allow our Website to gain access to your computer and help our Program Palace Live run on your Computer. Blockers are designed to keep unknown websites from putting virus's on your computer. So you need to make sure you give our Website access by allowing it.

Once removing the blocker please double click on our Blue Palace Icon again and this should Launch the Program.


You sometimes get another Message Pop Up asking if you like to give permanent access (please tick the box to say Don't show me Again, so this doesn't keep prompting you in future) and click Permit all Access.


If you are still having trouble please Submit a ticket into Palace Support and we will happily come online with you.

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