Why does my statement totals differ when I print two statements from the same month

What to do if a statement does not start with the same opening balance amount as the previous months closing balance?


  1. Firstly, users must always run the Holiday statements with consecutive date periods. (1-30 November, 1-31 Dec, OR 1-15 Dec followed by 16-31 Dec).
  2. The Opening Balance is ALWAYS recalculated for the period selected by adding up all transactions prior to the starting date selected – from the beginning of time.
  3. So If the Opening balance for say December is not the same as the closing balance for November, then the entries making up the closing balance for November have changed.
  4. So the first thing to do is re-run the November statement to see what has changed, (Right click the owner and choose Reports – Owner statement).
  5. The original Holiday statements are stored in PDF form in the property diary.
  6. If the opening balance for the new November statement is different from the original November statement, then compare the previous month's statements. (Run one for October and compare with the PDF.
  7. Go back each month until the opening balances agree. Then look at the transactions for that month against those in the diary to locate the transactions missing or new.
  8. Transactions may now be missing as compared with the original PDF if the tenant's end date was changed. Transactions may also appear that were not there before if the tenant's end date was changed.
  9. So check the Change Log for changes to the Vacate date.



A few items to be aware of:


  1. All holiday statements include a tenant's transactions who ended in the date range selected, BUT in the NEXT month if further transactions are received from that tenant, the new transactions will be included in the opening balance of the new month, not as new transactions, because the tenant ended in the previous month. A re-run of the previous month's statement will detail the transactions even though they were entered in the new month.
  2. If there are no transactions at all in the selected date period, the Holiday statement will show a zero statement, and the opening balance will also be zero even though it should be a figure. This is being fixed in the next version of Palace.



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