My Printer doesn't seem to be printing anything out??

If you are trying to print something from Palace and it doesn't seem to of printed you may want to check your settings on your computer.


If you could please go to your

Control Panel- then Double click on Devices and Printer

Select the Printer that has the green Tick (this will be your default Printer)


Right Click on this Printer - Go to Printer Properties- Then Click on the Advanced Tab


Now in this screen you may see the following Tick Boxes at the bottom


Please untick the box that says Enable advanced printing features


Now if you could go  back into Palace and please try to print again


If the following doesn't seem to resolve the issue or the option in the Printers property is already unticked please try the following


Turn off your computer and turn back on. Sometimes your computer can loose connection between the printer and the computer.


If none of these options seem to work please submit a ticket to our Support Team

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