Reports for Water Rates

There are a couple of reports that will show you the current status of the Tenant Other Amounts owing.

  • Tenant Amount Owing (Tracked
  • Tenant Other Amount Owing

This report will show all invoices that have been marked to be tracked

Creating the Tracked Tenant Other Amount Owing Report

  • Click on Tenant Reports
  • Click on Tenant Amount Owing (Tracked)

  • Make your filter choices

Note: If you only want to see your water rates invoices - then choose Water Rates from under the expense filter

  • Click on Preview


The reports show the current invoices and then shows the amount still outstanding i.e If the invoice was $45.00 and the amount outstanding was $30.00 then you know the tenant has paid $15.00 so far.

NOTEThis report only shows those receipts that have been linked to a particular invoice. You can select to see those unallocated receipts as well, so you can then go to Assign Other Amounts Owing and assign to the tracked invoices.


Tenant Other Amounts Owing Report

There are two versions of this report

  1. Under Tenant Reports - Tenant Other Amounts Owing - This will show for all tenants
  2. Right click on a tenant - Reports and Tenant Other Amounts Owing - For single tenant

In the sample below, I have used the Tenant Other Amounts Owing Report under the Left hand side menu

  • Click on Tenant Reports - Tenant Other Amounts Owing Report (This is for all tenants)

  • Choose your date range and your filter choices

Note: If you want to see everything and get a correct running balance, change the from date to the year 2000 and it will go to the first transaction for that tenant

  • Click on Preview

I selected to “Include Track Grouping” So in the example above we are showing Pebbles Flintstone – She is showing that she has one Tracked Invoice and two unassigned Receipts. So this shows me that I can now go to Assign Other Amounts Owing (on a right click from a Tenant) and assign the receipt to the invoice.


NOTE:  You must clear all tenant other amounts owing in order to be able to archive the tenant.

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