How to Process Water Rates Invoices

This is the process of entering in the Water Rates invoice, charging the Owner and creating an invoice for the tenant. It takes the money off the property and moves it to the Creditor awaiting payment.

If the owner is paying by Direct Debit and sends the Invoice to you, then go to the Owner Edit screen and tick "Do NOT charge Owner for Water" This will allow you to still put the invoice through and charge the tenant but it will not charge the owner and go to the creditor.

If you want to scan the Invoice into Palace to go with the owner statements, do the scanning now and save to your desktop to pick up when we create the tenant debit.

The instructions below are based on manually entering in each Water Rates invoices against the property and creating a tenant debit. If you are using a Bar Code Scanner - click here for the full instructions

Instructions - Charging Water Rates using Invoice Creditor

  • Click on Transactions
  • Click on the left hand drop down arrow and select - Invoice Creditor

  • Click on the green arrow
  • Find the property
  • Check the date (You can only enter a date for this current month)
  • Expense - Select an expense that is relevant to the invoice i.e Water rates if the invoice is from Watercare
  • Note: If you have either "Do not charge Tenant" or Do not charge Owner" ticked in the options tab of the property, You will get a warning at the bottom of the screen to warn you that you have following ticked. If you ignore this it will still charge either the tenant or the owner.

Note: Expense codes are important for the breakdown of expenses on the Year To Date Statement for the Owners

  • Enter in the amount
  • Enter in the Invoice Number
  • Check the maintenance fee and change if needed
  • Enter a Priority if needed - otherwise leave as medium
  • Enter a due date if needed i.e Must be paid by a certain date
    Note: If due date is needed, it will create a reminder in the diary 2 days before the due date that was set.
  • If some of the invoice needs to be on charge to the tenant, tick the charge tenant box and another screen will open. Fill in the information here. Tenant Invoice will be created.
  • If you have already scanned in the Creditor Invoice, you can click on the Paper Clip and attach the invoice to the diary and it will send out to the tenant and save in the Property Diary to be attached to month end statements.
  • Click OK
  • Once in the transaction screen you can click Process

NOTE: If you have more than one invoice to process, then tick on Rapid entry (At top of creditor Invoice screen) As you enter each invoice you click OK and the transactions pops behind into the Transaction area and then you enter the next invoice, when you have finished you click on Cancel. Then you will see all the transactions in the list, click on Process.

  • This has now charged the owner for the invoice, moved the money to the creditor (Waiting to be paid) and has created an "Invoice" against the tenant, waiting for money to be receipted against.
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