How to add default wording for tenant Invoices

To make invoicing easier, you can set up default wording to appear each time you create a tenant invoice.

There are two areas to set this up:

  • Under Tools - Standard Defaults
  • Or under the actual Expense Code


Default Tenant Wording

To set up default wording that will appear on any tenant invoice regardless of the expense code - Click on Tools - Standard Defaults and click on Tenant Invoice

If you want separate wording for certain invoices i.e Water. Then you can set it up against the expense.

  • Go to a Creditor (It actually doesn't matter which Creditor) then edit and click on the ... next to Expense

  • Scroll down and find the expense you want. i.e If for Water rates then you would select the expense "Water"
  • Click on Add, type in description
  • Click on Save and then Close

Now every time you do an invoice for a tenant and select this expense category, this default wording will come up

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