Version 6.12

Management Fees collected by Agent
This report shows a list of properties (by agent) and the breakdown of fees collected for each. If you collect Lease Break Fees into a separate ledger, you can specify which ledger this is when you run the report and it will show separately on the report. The report is called 'Report - Ledger Fee Detail' and can be found by clicking on the Ledger button, and then clicking on the printer icon.

This report is an extension of the Ledger Fee Summary report from which you can now also specify which ledger is your Lease Break Ledger if you want to.


Ability to review Month End Statements by Agent prior to Month End
You can now preview month end statements by agent prior to month end under the Owner - Reports option. 


Month End Statements can now be run AFTER Month End is closed
You can now go through month end without printing or emailing statements until after you've closed the month. You will need to click on PROCESS during the month end owner statement step, but you will then be prompted as to whether you want to archive/email/print the statements now or later.



Fee Ledgers can be created to collect income from Tenants
Previously if you wanted to collect money from a tenant, you had to create a Tenant Bond Ledger, then receipt the money to the ledger, and then reverse it back out. You can now create a FEE Ledger. This will allow you to create a tenant debit (invoice) and then 'receipt tenant other' directly into the fee ledger, picking up the invoice to assign it to. The money can then be paid directly out of the fee ledger in the normal Generate Ledger Payment at month end and will show in your income for the company.


Fix: Agent on the inspection diary entry now used in Mail Merge filter for Inspection Notification Letters
Update: Emails sent from Reports now recorded in the Diary
Update: Emails sent from Works Orders now recorded in the Diary


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