How to Receipt a Tenant Debit - Receipt Tenant other

The tenant can pay for their outstanding invoices in a couple of ways:

They can add a weekly amount to their rent payment or they can pay it in a lump sum or small cash payments

Either way it goes through Receipt – Tenant Other. Gives you the option of receipting the money to an

Owner: to reimburse them for something they have paid or are going to pay for

Ledger: To reimburse the company for something that has been paid on behalf of the tenant.  OR

A Restricted (Bond) Ledger: Used to collect money in advance from a tenant, that then will be assigned to the Tenant Invoice once the Invoice arrives e.g Water Rates.

Below we will first show you how to receipt the whole payment, then how to set it up if a tenant wants to pay the invoice off by adding a weekly amount to their rent payment.

Receipting - Tenant Other

  • Go to transactions - click on the drop down arrow on the left hand side
  • Select Receipt - Tenant Other

  • Click on the >
  • Find the tenant required
  • If you are tracking invoices, then you will need to select the invoice that you want to put this money against. (If you are not tracking then this field will be grayed out, you also cannot currently select an invoice if receipting to a Ledger
    NOTE: If you cannot find the invoice is the list, then you may not have created it yet. that is OK, just don’t select anything and then afterward you can assign this money to the invoice once you have created it.
  • Enter in the amount you are paying
  • Apply to: Normally the money from the tenant is reimbursing the owner for an expense that they have already covered so the money needs to go back to the owner, however sometimes you might be receiving the money directly to the company (nothing to do with the owner), if this is the case, then change the Owner Account to Ledger by clicking on the down arrow.
  • Select the ledger you want the money to do to i.e water (not applicable if money going directly to Owner)
  • Check that the payment method is correct i.e Direct or Cash
  • Add a comment if necessary
  • Click OK
  • Then click Process

Note: The Tenant Other Amounts Owing Report (On a right click of a tenant) will show the original Tenant Debit and then the receipt, giving a total amount

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