Water Rates Background and Description

This help file will cover various ways of handling water rates charging to tenants. As each office does it different, you will need to just adapt these instructions to suit your needs. There is a separate help file on using the Bar Code Scanner.

There are various ways that Water Rates invoicing to tenants is handled in Palace:

  • Using the Barcode Scanner - This charges the property, and creates a charge tenant debit (Invoice for the tenant) Note: If you have either "Do not charge Tenant" or Do not charge Owner" ticked in the options tab of the property, then it wont charge the following depending what the tick is on.
  • Using the Photocopier/scanner (Check with your supplier) - This will do the same as above but is extra exciting because it is done from the Printer itself. Fuji Xerox and Canon are all set up ready to go.
  • Using Transactions - Invoice Creditor to charge the property and create a tenant debit. Note: If you have either "Do not charge Tenant" or Do not charge Owner" ticked in the options tab of the property, You will get a warning at the bottom of the screen to warn you that you have following ticked. If you ignore this it will still charge either the tenant or the owner.

There are also a few different ways of receipting depending on your company procedures

  • Receipt Tenant Other - To Owner - Money is receipted in and put against a tenant invoice, this reduces the balance of the invoice and the money is put against the owner. PREFERRED OPTION
  • Receipt Tenant Other - Ledger - Money goes against the tenant Invoice but is held in a "Bond" Ledger until they have paid the whole invoice then it is reversed and paid to the Owner. You can create the tenant debit and receipt the money against the debit. Which makes this transaction a bit more preferable then the option below.

When the tenant pays the invoice, you have a choice of where the money (once paid) will go. It can go to the Owner, to reimburse them as they have already paid the total amount, (This is the preferred and tidiest option) or it can go directly into a "Holding Account" for Water Rates and once you have collected the total invoice, you then take the money out and give to Owner.  To use this option you must set up a "Bond" Ledger under Ledgers - Call it Water Rates. There is an auto assign receipts area to make this process easier. For more details see below.

You can receipt into this "Bond" Ledger by using Receipt Tenant Other - Ledger

PLEASE NOTE: Money receipted using Receipt - Bond Other does not get recorded against an invoice, it is only a holding ledger. You can use it for collecting small amounts then you would create a Charge Tenant Debit and assign the money from the ledger to the Invoice. This pays off the tenant and moves the money to the owner.

You need to make sure that Tracked Invoices are turned on. File - System Setup - Click Edit and change "Tracked Invoices" to Yes. (in all new systems it is defaulted on)

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