Version 6.11 (R2)

Agent Authority added for Repost
There is a new tick-box in the Agent area which defines whether or not an agent has got the authority to repost rent transaction on a tenancy.

Importing a bank file
When matching an owner to an imported bank statement, the description line on the bank statement will default into a new comments fields (which can also be edited if the user wants) and then added to the description of the transaction.

Available Properties Report - Summary
You can now do a report broken down by Bedrooms,.

Fixed Maintenance Fee per Property
There is a new feature on creditors that will allow a fixed fee for a particular property. For example you may charge a 10% disbursement fee for maintenance but in certain cases may decide to charge a fixed amount (or different percentage) for a particular creditor/property.

​In the Property Edit screen, Click on the (...) box next to the Maintenance Fee field. Choose the creditor, then right click and ​insert new percentage or fixed fee. When you do an invoice now for that creditor/property, it will charge the new fixed fee or percentage.

You can select multiple creditors at a time.


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