How to check out and in multiple keys at the same time

Sometimes you need to check out more than one key at a time for multiple properties e.g Going to do Inspections.

  • Click on View
  • System Keys (user)

  • You can search by property or you can filter by agent
  • Then you can select all the properties that you want to check out keys for
  • Then click on the Check Out icon at the bottom of the screen

  • It will bring the SMS set up screen
  • The top of the screen shows the Agent who belongs to the Property and their cell phone number
  • You can also select the creditor (if the key is being checked out to a creditor)
    Note: If a cell phone number does not show, you can enter it yourself.
  • These people will get a SMS (text) reminder if the key does not come back in the allotted time.
  • SMS Repeat Reminder (Message): This is what will show on the Text that goes out.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you do not want to send a SMS text out, then set the number to 30 or more. DO NOT SET AS ZERO - this will cause a text to go out every 1 hour.
  • SMS Timing: Initial Days: Whatever number you put here is the number of days that Palace will wait before it sends out the reminder text.
  • SMS Timing: Repeat Days: Whatever number you put here is the number of days that Palace will wait after the initial text goes out before it sends a reminder. It will keep doing this until the key has been checked back in.
  • Click on Confirm Check Out
  • Yes to the Pop Up

  • A Ledger will appear for you to print, so that you have the key numbers you require
    Note: Please dispose of this report correctly.
  • Close the report and it will take you back to the key screen
  • Close out.


Checking the Keys back in:

  • Click on View
  • System Keys (user)
  • The keys that are checked out will show at the top of the screen
  • Select all the keys you want to return
  • Click on the Check In icon (bottom of the screen)
  • Yes to the pop up
  • All done and close out


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