How do I reverse a transaction?


How do I reverse a transaction?:

Before you start, you will need the transaction number. You can find this on the Transaction Report. For example: if you are reversing a rent, you can go to the Tenant Transaction Report and find the transaction you require. Note down the number.

  • Click on Transactions
  • Click on History
  • Enter in the transaction number at the bottom of the screen, enter it in both places. (You can use the date if you do not know the transaction number.) and click on >
  • The transaction should now be showing at the top of the screen.
  • Highlight it, right click and select "Reverse Transaction"

  • You will be asked if you are sure "Click Yes"
  • At the bottom of the screen, a new entry will show. It will have created an opposite transaction i.e If the first one was a receipt then the reversal will have a ' -  ' in front of it, making it a negative.
  • Both of these transactions will be in your reconciliation - you need to present them both.
  • Note: The receipt might have auto presented so you may only see the reversal.
  • Make sure you present the transactions using the correct date and have to be in current month.
  • Note: If the receipt was this month, you may have already presented it, so the only transaction showing in the unpresented area will be the negative one. You need to present it. Make sure you presented it down using the same date otherwise you will put out your running balances.










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