How to do the Daily Cash Banking

Daily banking refers to your cash, cheques and Eftpos transactions.

If you use a manual receipt book during the day, enter all the receipts into Palace prior to going to the bank at the end of the day. Take special care to use the correct payment method e.g Cash, Cheque etc

Make sure you change the receipt number to match the receipt number from your receipt book (Remember to put an M in front of the number as when finished the system will revert back to the numerical sequence it is using for AP receipting)

Once these transactions have been processed they will move into the unpresented part of your reconciliation. They stay in that section until they appear on your bank statement, then you can present them.

Daily Banking Report Banking Audit Report

There is a report that can be used to check your banking and you can take this report to the bank to be used as your deposit slip.

  • Click on Audit Reports, left hand side menu
  • Click on Audit - Banking - click preview
  • This report will pick up from the last time the report was printed. It then clears the report and starts if from the very next transaction number. So if you did the report yesterday at 4pm, the report will clear and then start from the very next transaction that you do.
  • You can also search by date if you like.
  • Note: If this is the first time you have used this report, it will be a very long report, you will need to print and close out in order for it to clear.

  • Previewing the report: You will see a list of the transactions and their payment method. The bottom of the report will show a summary of transactions by type.
  • When you print the report, print 2, one for your records and one to take to the bank
  • Close out


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