Other Areas to Set Up

All the settings areas are now set up but there are other areas which are worth setting up now so that you can hit the ground running. Below is a list of the areas and their help file links.

Document Set up:

We supply a set of templates, they need to be edited with company name and your own wording. Tools - Document Templates - or Go to the Mail Merge File.


Enter in a list of the Creditors/Suppliers that you use along with their Bank Accounts, so that you are ready to do Work Orders and Invoicing. See the Maintenance Procedure Section.

Owners, Properties and Tenants: If you did not have a conversion from another software you will need to enter in all your Owners, Properties and Tenants. There is a Procedure file for each area.

Inspections for each Property: Control - Inspections or see the Inspections Procedure Section

Set up the Template for the Inspection App: on the iPhone/pod/pad. See the Procedure File

 Set up YouTube Account:

Go to www.youtube.com and follow the instructions we have under frequently asked questions

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