How to set up repetitive creditor invoices

Sometime you have a maintenance job that happens each month i.e Lawns. Rather than enter the invoice in each time you can set a repetitive invoice.

The repetitive invoice is just set up once in the Creditor Diary then....

It will show in your reminder area

You can edit the amount of the invoice

You process like an Inspection

Instructions - Setting up a Repetitive Invoice

  • Go to the Creditor, right click and click on Diary
  • Click on Invoice (Left hand side menu)

  • In the Description box - Type what the invoice is
  • Select the property from the property drop down list.
  • Set the priority - or leave as Medium
  • Enter in the date that you want the first invoice to appear on
  • Set the repetitive period i.e 1 Month
  • Invoice Number: At this stage you probably do not have one
  • Invoice Amount: Enter in the dollar amount for the normal cost - Don't worry if the invoice amount changes - you can edit it before you process the invoice.
  • Check the maintenance fee
  • Click Save

NOTE: This has now been set up in the Diary. It will show in your reminder screen on the date that you set it up for.

Instructions - Processing the Repetitive Invoice

  • The reminder will show in your Home screen, Under the Invoices Tab find the Invoice and select it. If it is under chargeable it means the owner has enough money.
  • If it is under Insufficient Funds, then the owner does not have enough money to pay it.
  • If you want to edit it or check it first, then double click on it. You can now edit the invoice amount and enter in the invoice number. then save
  • Then click on the Blue arrow up the top of the screen.

  • A pop up box saying "This option will process all your selected Invoices, are you sure?" Click Yes
  • This will take you to the transaction screen
  • Click on Process
  • Click Close
  • The money has now been moved from the Property to the Creditor and the reminder has now been moved to the next frequency so will pop up in Invoices next time it is due.


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