Palace handles the whole process of maintenance on properties through to the paying of the invoice. The process starts with creating a works order, which is sent to the creditor. Palace keeps records of all the works orders, from scheduled through to complete. There is a report system which allows you to track progress of the orders. When the invoice is received, Palace takes you through charging the property and paying out the creditor.

There are three ways of processing an Invoice

  • Through a works Order - Instructions below
  • Through the Invoice Creditor transaction directly - Instructions below
  • Using the Barcode Scanner - See the Barcode Scanner - Help File



Entering a new Creditor

Setting up default invoice wording for Tenant Invoice (Through Expenses)

Work Orders - Setting the option

Creating a Works Order

Disbursement Levels explained

Priority Levels Explained

Completing and Invoicing through the works order

Entering an Invoice through Transactions - Invoice Creditor

Repetitive Creditor Invoices - Setting Up

Processing the Invoices

Part Payments of Invoices - Setting Up

Processing the Invoices

Creditor Payments - Generating Creditor payments by batch

Single Creditor Payments

Creditor Reports

Scheduled Works Orders Report

Reversing an Invoice/Creditor Payment

Attaching a scanned Invoice to a Transaction



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