How to move properties from one property manager to another

Sometimes a property manager leaves and you need to assign a new property manager to the portfolio. This can be done automatically in Palace. However please note:

  • If you are splitting a portfolio between two agents, this has to be done manually and you need to change the agents name in the following areas
  • Owner Edit Screen - Primary Agent
  • Property Edit Screen - Publish Tab and Options Tab
  • Control Inspections - Each of the property Inspections involved
  • Instructions - to change a portfolio from Agent to Agent Bulk
  • Click on Tools - Options Advanced
  • Choose -Change Agent All
  • Enter in your company password
  • Select the agent who is leaving and then select the new agent
  • Click save
  • A message will pop up once completed - it won't take long.

NOTE: If you use the advertising feature, you need to click on Internet Transfer, then click on Options (Next to the settings button) and then click on REAXML Reset button for the changes to update the advertising websites.

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