Agent Authorities Explained

When you set up an agent, you have to select the authorities levels. Below is a list of each authority and what is means.

Palace Login - details: Can access Owners, Properties and Tenants, Diaries, Inspections, work orders, and most general reports - ideal for a Property Manager. Under the Details ... You can turn on or off the ability to add Owner Properties, tenants and Creditors.

Bank Reconciliation: Allows the use of the bank reconciliation functions. Normally only needed by the person handling the Trust Account

Archive: The ability to be able to archive Owners, Properties, Tenants and Creditors.
Note: All archiving is logged in the change log and archived records can easily be reinstated - Some companies restrict this to admin people, others allow all agents to access.

Internet Link: This gives the user the ability to do the transfer for the web upload and also access the Palace Information Centre settings and set passwords for Owners.

Special Reports: Some reports are sensitive and have the potential to show all details of the rent roll. The Property Report called Combined Management can only be run if the logged in agent has this authority. Normally the admin person and the principal are the only ones with this authority.

Statistic Reports: All the Statistic reports are sensitive and anyone wanting access needs the system password, UNLESS the authority is ticked, in which case the system password is not required. Normally the admin person and the principal are the only ones with this authority. This also controls the Historical Reports.

Trade Me Upload: This means only those with Authority ticked can do the upload to Trade me

Advanced Key Management: If this is turned on, it means the person can now assign out multiple keys at once under the View menu

Tenancy Payment Type:This function is an important area for setting up direct debits and also to set the tenant as direct in order to set up the Payment Details area (for matching - import bank statement)

Month End Procedure: This is the month end wizard and is only needed by the person who does month end

Ledger/Audit Reports: This is mainly needed by the person who does the Trust Accounting and maybe also the person who does the receipting

Transactions (Receipt/Charge): Allows the agent to process receipt and charge transactions, but not payment transactions. This authority can be given to a reception person to process receipts. Otherwise the admin person is the only one with this authority.
Note: Charge reminders can be processed, regardless of this authority setting.

Transactions (Payments): This covers all transactions which involve money leaving Palace. Normally the Trust Accounts person. This authority also involves being able to access History (Under Transactions)

Bank Accounts: The ability to edit and add bank account details for Owners and Creditors. Some companies restrict this to admin people, others allow all agent to enter bank account information.

Templates/ Custom Views: The ability to edit and add the document templates under the Template area. Some companies restrict this to one person, others allow agents to alter the master templates for documents.

Inspection Template: The ability to edit or add to the Inspection Template that is used on the Inspection App.

Modify Rent Re-Post: Reposting puts the paid to and from dates back in order against a tenant record, these can be put out of alignment by an incorrect start date or a rent increase

Delete Diary Entries: The ability to delete information from an owner/ property or Tenant Diary, if this isn't ticked your agent isn't allowed to delete anything


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