Agents Tab-Options Available on a Right Click of each Agent

Below is the list of functionality that is available on a right click of an agent.

Reset Passwords: This is where you add a password for an agent. You cannot just view the password so if they forget it, you will have to reset the password.

Bank Accounts: You can enter an agents bank account details here if you pay them by Direct Credit
Please note: We do strongly recommend that all agent payments get paid into your Trading Account first because this will allow you to take of withholding fees etc.

Email Signature: Set up your email template here. You can cut and copy from your own email signature just watching the formatting.

Email Authentication:

Real Estate Codes: If you advert on the, you will need your individual agents real estate codes and enter them into here

REAMXL: If you are Harcourts you will need a code number to upload to Harcourts One. This may also be needed for other companies

Authentication Mobile: This is only for those that are still using the old Palace Mobile Inspection app. This holds your password information


Authentication iLink: This holds the password information for the iPad,iPod and iPhone application once it has been set in the first upload

Authentication iLink Reset: This is to reset the password if needed - Please check with us first.

Archive: When a Property Manager has left and you have moved all the properties in their portfolio to a new person, you can archive the Property Manager - they must have a date in the date ended field.

Reports: Agent Transactions - This report shows all the transactions where an agent commission was generated. It is a date driven report.

Note:In this report you will see the actualy "Transactions" that make up the amount shown in the commsssion summary and ledger fee summary reports

Permissions; Messages:

This area is related to the reminders screen. When you first set up a user, they will be able to set up and see their own reminders, however if they need to see someone else's reminders or someone needs to see this persons reminder then you need to set the permissions

Setting permissions against an Agent

    • Go to Agents - enter in Password

    • right click on the agents name that you want to share permissions i.e Jeremy needs to see Mandy's reminders. Right Click on Mandy and click on Permissions
    • Choose - Messages
    • On the left hand side, highlight the persons name i.e Jeremy and then click on the arrows to move over to the right hand side of the screen.
    • Mandy's reminders will now show in Jeremy's reminder screen
    • If Mandy needs to see Jeremy's reminders as well, you would do the same as above in Jeremy's permissions.



Permissions; Authorities:

This area is related to what can be seen when a person logs in. Palace can be set to only show the logged in persons portfolio rather than the whole company. When Palace is set like this, there may be two people who need to see the one portfolio. e.g You have 3 offices - Sunnydale, Sunnyview, Sunnyday and you have two property managers in each office. You want to set Palace to Authority Only, so when the property managers from Sunnyday log in they only see their properties. See the instructions below to do this

Sharing Authority permissions (Using Example Above)

  • Go to Agents - enter in Password

  • Right click on the name of one of the Property Managers that works in the Sunnyday office - choose Permissions - Authorities
  • On the left hand side, highlight the name of the other property manager in the office and then click on the arrows to move over to the right hand side of the screen.
  • close and go to the other agent and do the same as above
  • Now it won't matter which of them logs in, they will be able to see each others properties.

Note: If you only want this office to only see their own properties always i,e no reason to see other offices properties, then you can tick "Restrict Access to "Authority Only"

The bottom option allows the "Statistic Display" on the Home screen to be turned on or off.

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