How to add a new user in Palace

There are a few choices to make when entering in a new Property Manager

What "Authority Levels" are appropriate for this person. See the section above for some ideas on what you should be looking at.

Are you paying them a commission?

Are they needing to see other users reminders?


Setting up a new User:

  • Click on "Agents" and enter in the password
  • Click on Add
  • Enter in a User Name and Password
  • These will be used for the person to log in to Palace

  • Position: This field can be used as a merge field in a letter so fill in if needed
  • Agent Address: This is the address of the office that the person is based in, as this may differ from the actual company address.
  • Personal Details: Fill in as required
  • Note: You must enter a surname and an email address, as this affects other functions in Palace
  • Commission: Enter in the commission percentage that you are paying them.
  • Note: On each receipt, Palace takes off the company percentage first and then the Agent commission is taken from the company commission i.e 8% company commission is $50.00 and the agent is set to receive 50% which will be $25.00. For more information on agent commissions and GST - See the Palace and Agent Commissions Information file
  • If the agent has a GST Number, enter it in the GST Number field (Top of screen) - See Agent Commission and GST notes
  • If the agent is charged a withholding fee, enter the % in the Withholding Tax field.
  • Select payment type
  • Enter in the date started.
  • Authorities: Tick all the authorities that are relevant. - See below for an explanation on Authorities.
  • Click Save


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