What "Authorities" should I give my staff?

Palace offers a wide range of authority levels. The first one is the "System" password

"System" is set up as an Agent in the Agent list. Choose Edit on the System Agent and change the password regularly. The person who knows the system password can get into all arears of Palace. Generally admin people and principals should be the only ones who know the system password.

The person doing Admin work should ALSO be able to view "System messages" (reminders generated by Palace). Move the System agent to the right box using the buttons in the middle.

If agents work in teams, then each agent MUST have their own login name and passwords because each person must be responsible for their own actions inside Palace. In addition, you may want to allow a member of a team to view reminder messages set for the other members of the team. Move the team member to the right box using the buttons in the middle to be able to view their reminders.

The "Authority" permissions allow each agent to view only owners, properties and tenants that are linked to their own name. By default this is switchable - Using Tools - Options Management, users can switch between viewing their owner properties or ALL properties. The tick box called "Restrict Access to Authority only in Agent" - Permissions Authority disables the switch ability option.

Each agent record also have a number of Authority options in the Edit Screen. See the Authorities explained instructions under related articles (Top Right) 


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