How to Scan the first Invoice (Bar code Scanning)

The first time you scan an invoice for each property, it has to be set up. Once set up Palace will remember it and the next time you scan an invoice for that property, it will automatically pop up.

  • Click on Transactions, click the drop down box on the right hand side
  • Select "Barcode Invoice - Name of Creditor")
  • Scan the barcode on the invoice. (Your cursor must be in the scan box)

  • The first time you scan the invoice, the property selection box will appear, select the Property from the list.
  • The Tenancy charge box will show, The invoice amount will show less the fixed charge. Double check the amount and click save
  • Note: If you are not going to charge the tenant, then leave as zero


  • If you never oncharge a tenant, then you can stop this box appearing at all. See above in the setup.
  • Both transactions, the Invoice charged to the owner and the Charge tenant debit will both appear on the transaction screen
  • The message that you typed as your default message (against the expense code) will show here, you can change it if you need to.
  • Note: if you want to set up the default message, go to the creditor, click on ... next to expense. Find the expense code you want and enter in the default text and click save.
  • Click save
  • Scan the next invoice and repeat the process
  • Click on "Process"
  • NOTE: If you accidentally link the invoice to the wrong property, then find that property in the Property List, click on Edit and go to Options Tab. In the extended details area you will see the scanned invoice details. Just highlight and click on delete. then you can scan again and link to the correct property

The next time you do this process, Palace will remember the property and the barcode and put it in automatically.

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