How to Generate Log Ons and Passwords

The system auto generates passwords for Owners and Tenants. These passwords are individual to that person, once they log in they will only see their own information. They cannot access Palace itself.

When you start using the Palace Information Centre, you have the choice to only generate passwords for selected owners or to generate for the whole lot. The passwords are made up of letters that are randomly selected. If an owner wishes to change their password, they need to let you know and you can change it for them.

Charges for the Palace Information Centre are dependent on the amount of disk storage needed. We recommend that you get Owners’ confirmation that they will use the web site before allocating them a password.

Once a password has been generated, a transfer needs to be done so that the Owner can use their login. However, please note that if you have generated passwords for a new owner, he will not be able to log in until some transactions have been created against his record and you have transferred them to the Information Centre.


To generate the passwords:

  • Click on Internet Transfer (Left hand side menu)
  • Click on Options (Next to Palace Information Centre)
  • Click on Owners Tab (or Tenants)

  • Note: Tenants can only be generated if the corresponding owner has been generated.
  • Select the required Owners
  • Click on "Generate"
  • A Login ID and a Password will be generated
  • If you have previously told your Owners about the Information Centre, then select the relevant owners and click on the "send" button. A pop up screen will appear, click Yes and an email will be automatically sent to any selected Owners giving them their passwords etc.
  • Click save when finished

Note: If you wish to send your owners a letter informing them about the Palace Information Centre and giving them their Logins and Passwords, you will find a sample letter set up in the document template area, contact Palace for a copy if you cannot find one. See the mailmerge help file for more instructions

If they have lost their password and just want a new one, you can just select them and click on generate, Palace will then generate them a new random password.

Further Note: When you generate a new Owner Password, you must do a transfer before the owner will be able to access their Information.


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