How to Send the Rent Increase letter

If you have filled in the rent increase details in the Planned Rent Change area, this will fill in the merge fields for the rent increase letter.

A single letter can be generated through the tenants diary by clicking on correspondence for more information on this - see the Mailmerge File

You can create letters for more than one tenant who is due a rent increase by doing a bulk mail merge under Control - Mail Merge


For A Bulk MailMerge for a Rent Increase:

  • Go to Control - Mail Merge - Select - Tenancy
  • Highlight the letter the rent increase letter and click on "Merge Document"
  • A new screen will appear showing a list of all the tenants
  • Click on the drop down arrow under Template and select the rent increase letter
  • Click on the drop down arrow under Filter and select Agent
  • Pick yourself from the list and click on the Funnel.
  • Do the above step again and this time select "By Planned Rent Changes"
  • Select the date range and click on the Funnel - Now your screen shows only those tenants who are due for a rent increase.
  • Once they show on the screen you can click on "Create Merge Field"
  • This will take you through to the letter screen and shows the main template
  • Make any changes to the letter as needed (You cannot make changes to any individual letter, only the main template)
  • Click on Mailings (Top of the screen) Click on the blue arrows at the top of the screen to move through each of the merged tenants to check they have merged with the correct details
  • Click on Finish and merge - Choose Print
  • Choose merge to printer, select the correct printer and click OK
  • The letters will print and they will save in the tenants diary as well. (You will get a pop up asking you if you want the letters to save in the diaries - click yes)
  • Once finished close out


Doing an mailmerge by email:

You can choose between having your letter as the body of the email or as an attachment.

You can also attach another document as well i.e a Newsletter

  • All the instructions are the same with an extra Filter added in
  • When you filter down the selection - this time pick "All With Email"
  • click on the Funnel and this list will now show all the Tenants that have email addresses.
  • Click on "Merge Template" button
  • You are now in the main letter, this will be the body of your email. Make any changes you require.
  • Click on Mailings at the top of screen and then click on Finish and Merge -
  • Select "Email merge"
  • A pop up box will appear, Yes or No. Click yes, if you wish to attach an external document to this email, you will then be taken to the browse area to find the document that you want to attach, handy for newsletters.
  • Regardless of what you choose, another pop up box will appear Another pop up box will appear: This one gives you a warning on sending this message as a body to an email, just letting you know about formats.
    Click OK
  • The email box will pop up, you can change settings here, add a signature, change subject line.
  • You can also choose to have the document as the body of the email or you can have the document as an attachment.
  • Click save when complete
  • A Pop up box will appear, informing you that this will automatically merge with all email records
  • Click on yes
  • You will be asked if you would like to store diary entries for each merged documents, important you click yes here, so that you have a permanent record.
  • The screen will sit for a few minutes while the emails send, then you will get a pop up saying that "transmission sent"
  • You can close out now.


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