Version 6.11

Mid-Month Remittances or Statements
You now have the option to generate a mid-month owner statement or remittance advice (or none) as part of the owner mid-month payment run. Note that the statement is not a 'clearing statement'. If you do choose to generate a mid-month statement, the final month end statement will still include all transactions for the entire month.

Key System
Electronic Key Register: Allows the user to keep track of the keys. It is a 'checking in and out' system. Once the key has been assigned out, you can set up SMS reminders to be sent to the person with the key to remind them to bring it back in. 

Uncleared Funds
There is now an option (under the menu File - System Setup) that allows funds to be kept back if they've been receipted within 3 days (or however many days as specified by you). So for instance, if you receipt money in today but want to make sure it doesn't bounce before you pay it out, you can hold it for a few days. Warning: make sure your Owners are aware of this.

Uncleared Funds for Tenancies not yet started
Sometimes you may receipt in Rent, Bond and Letting Fee at least 2 weeks before the tenant moves in (for students, it can be up to 6 months in advance). You now have a choice to hold back that money from the Owner until the Tenancy actually starts. Do this under File - System Setup and then click on the Company Management Options button. Check the box under the Tenancy heading.


New Payment Frequency Added
Type Daily has been added for paying Owners daily.

Strict Audit
Pending Invoices now list on the Owner Statement so the Owner can see what invoices are pending.

Creditor Insurance Expiry Date
This now comes with a reminder. The reminder will appear in the reminder screen when the insurance is due.

Bond Payments
These can now be reversed. In Transaction History, reverse the transaction and it will reverse each individual bond payment and put it back against the tenant.

Rent Receipts
Will now show paid to and from dates, arrears amounts and amounts in credit.

Owner Statements (All Types)
For Australia only: All Owner Statements now have an option to show paid-to date and effective paid-to date (meaning the paid-to date that includes any credit amounts).

Tenant Direct Debit
This now shows as a Batch in the bank reconciliation so that you can reconcile the next day. Just like Owner Payments.

Receipt Tenant Multiple
You are now able to use rapid entry with the Receipt Tenant Multiple transaction.

Change Log Report now includes

  • Records tick/untick of the split payments button or mail merge inclusion button.
  • Processed Rent Changes (or Add/Delete of any rent changes).
  • Creditor put on Hold and Taken Off Hold is recorded however it shows as Warning System Warning Verified.

Duplicate Sort Codes for Owner Property Tenant or Creditor
If a duplicate sort code is added you will receive a pop-up message to let you know, you can either change it or just carry on.

New Authority Levels
Trade Me uploads are now Authority only. Inspection App Template is now Authority Only and access to History Reports is controlled by the Statistic Reports Authority. Tenant Repost is now on Authority Only.



  • There was a bug that stopped all emailed statements from appearing in the Email log.
  • Attachment of Invoices to Tenants was duplicating to all tenants on Invoice Creditor transaction.
  • Charge Tenant Debit transaction with an attached invoice to Email or Print was not working in all cases.
  • Invoice Creditor and Charge Tenant Debit transactions were only showing current tenants, now all tenants showing.
  • Charge Tenant Debit/Invoice was showing date of invoice in the description, this has now been moved up to the address of the property.
  • Refund Tenant Other now shows correctly on the reconciliation screen. Does not auto-present now.
  • Document templates: Margins have been corrected.
  • Email attachments can now be opened from the Inbox.
  • Email Inbox can now be minimised while working on other things.
  • You can now clear a single item in the Email Inbox using a right-click.
  • Exporting Audit reports to excel now includes missing fields.
  • Tenant Other Amounts Owing Report was running slow on some larger databases. This has now been rectified.


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