TINZ (Tenancy Information New Zealand)

TINZ is a tenancy database which allows you to do tenant searches as background checks etc. For more information go to www.tinz.net. You must be a member of TINZ to use this feature in Palace

One of the most important parts of using the TINZ website is loading your own tenant information. You can load references against your tenants (good or bad tenants), 10 day letters, tribunal orders etc.

When you want to load anything on the TINZ site, just click on the TINZ button (in the tenant edit screen) and the following choices will appear.

TINZ Lodgment: General Reference

TINZ Lodgment: 10 Day Notice

TINZ Lodgment: Tenancy Declined

TINZ Lodgment: Tenancy Tribunal orders/default

TINZ Account log in details

When you click on any, the following screen will appear to log in. You must be a member of TINZ in order to access this. Realbase cannot sign you up for TINZ please go to their website to sign up.



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