How to Prepare the Welcome Letter or Tenancy Agreement

In the diary you will find the correspondence function. You can access any letters or agreements that have been set up for the tenant here. To find out about entering in any new documents - see the Mail Merge Help File

In this example we are looking at producing a Tenant Welcome letter but the instructions are the same for any correspondence.

  • Go to the Tenant List, find the required tenant, highlight and right click
  • Click on Diary
  • Click on Correspondence
  • Write a description in the description box
  • Group: You can select a group if relevant (More information on Groups in the Diary Help File)
  • Click on the drop down arrow under "Correspondence" - select the Welcome letter or the tenancy agreement
  • Click on the Pen icon
  • The letter will appear, make the changes that you require and print
  • Save out
  • Save out of the diary and close



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