How to do a Modify Rent Re-Post

The Re Post function must be handled with care, and should only be done by administration staff. It recalculates the Paid to dates and amount owing as well as the part payment amount, but relies on the following in order to be accurate.

The start date of the tenant record MUST be set the same as the first rent transaction’s paid FROM date. Where transactions have been converted from another system into Palace, it may be necessary to alter the start date, and make a note to this effect in the tenant notes section.

All rent change records must be stored against each tenant in Palace. There should always be one dated the same as the start date, and there may be multiple rent changes during a tenancy. Data converted from other system into Palace will only have rent change records that match the start date, and it may be necessary to consult manual files to determine when rent changes occurred.

If a tenant was started in Palace with a part payment, this must be taken into account with rent change records. The usual weekly rent amount less the part payment becomes the first week’s rent rate, and the rent rate from the next week should be the usual rent rate.

This function has many uses, a couple of them are correcting a paid to date, correcting a rent increase etc. It works by using the start date and the amount of money that has been receipted. i.e The start date is the 14th Feb and the rent is $200, the tenant has paid $2,800. The system will re-calculate and make the paid to date 28th May 2009.

Before doing a Re-Post print out a Tenant Details Report, this will give you an original document of before the re-post just in case.

Instructions - Doing a Repost

  • Go to the tenant list, find the tenant and right click and choose " Modify Rent Re-post"
  • A box will pop up explaining what you are about to do - Click Yes
  • Another pop up box will appear, this is asking about any part payments (amount in credit) when the record was first entered. This caters for the possibility that there has been a part payment towards another week when the tenant was first entered in Palace. In most cases this is zero, so click save.
  • In a few moments a box will pop up saying "Re-post Completed.
  • Click OK and then click on the Tenant List (Left hand side menu) This will just refresh the record
  • Now you can go back in and look at the tenant and make sure it is reading correctly




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