How to read the Tenant detail Screen

You can access some of the Tenant information quickly without going into the Edit screen.

Either Double click on the Tenant or click on the (insert symbol) button.


Tenancy Details Tab

Shows all the contact information for the Tenants


Rental Details Tab

Shows the current rental rate, current paid to dates, lease end dates, vacate date etc. Also gives current balances.

Other amounts owing: This picks up from any Tenant Debits (Invoices) that have been created Rent Owing: shows the amount due from the last paid to date to current date Part Payment: Any amount that has been paid that does not add up to a full weeks rent Net Rent Owing: Takes the rent owing and subtracts any part payment to give you the actual amount owing.


Options Tab

Shows a summary of the bond and letting fees required and then what has been received and paid out. Any notes from the tenant screen will show here.

Rent Changes: This is the area where upcoming rent changes will show, you can also directly enter in a new rent change here. Please see the Rent Increase Help File.



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