How to do Set Up A New Tenant

When you receive a new tenancy agreement you need to enter the details into Palace. The property must be entered in first in order to enter a tenancy. The previous tenancy can still be active, you do not have to archive before entering a new tenant.

Explanations of all the fields in the Tenant Screen are below.

  • Go to the Property List, find the relevant property
  • Right click and click on New Tenancy
  • The top area is the Tenant details

  • Enter in the name and contact details of the tenants. If you have more than one tenant, you need to enter them as follows
  • First name: i.e Jenny and Sarah
  • Surname: i.e Smith and Jones
  • Full Names: Jenny Smith and Sarah Jones
  • Dear: Sarah and Jenny
  • If the tenants pay individually from each other, then only set up one tenant in this area and set the others up in the option area. See below for more instructions.
  • Enter in the tenant phone numbers, you can make one of the numbers a Primary number by right clicking on the word i.e If the primary number is the Mobile number, then right click on the work Mobile, and click on "Primary number", this means it will show in the Phone number column on the tenant list.
  • Note: If you have a mobile number for each tenant, just put one number in the Mobile field and then click on the Options tab and enter the others in that area (see options) This will allow the multiple texing to work.
  • Code: This area will auto fille
  • Payment Type: Select from the drop down list i.e Direct
  • Click on ... next to Payment Details: Fill in this area, it is important for receipting because this screen feeds the receipting screen.

  • Note: The amount you would enter in here can be either fortnightly or weekly, if you enter in a fortnightly amount, then type in the number 14 or 7 if weekly. (M is for Monthly)
  • You can use this screen for other payments that you collect with the rent and it can be allocated to a certain area. i.e The tenant pays an extra $5 for water rates on top of their rent. You would enter $5.00 in the field next to Receipt Ledger and select water rates from drop down arrow. For more suggestions on how water rates are handled Click here.
  • Custom Fields: There are customised fields which can be set up in order for you to gather more information, quite often used in Holiday Rentals - See the Set Up Manual for more information on Custom fields.
  • Extended Details: This area holds information very similar to the information you collect on your application form, you can enter the information here or just scan the application form into the diary. We do suggest that you enter in the Address of Service, the date of birth details and the licence number as these can be picked up as merge fields when do a Tenancy Agreement.
  • Clear Match Code: This is related to the Import bank Statement function for receipting rent. You will find more information in the Transaction help file.
  • Bank Account Details: This is so that you can enter the tenant bank account details in case you have to refund rent.


The Bottom Area (Tenancy Details):

    • A lot of this information in the first column will auto fill in.
    • Sort Code: Will automatically picks up from the Surname Field (You can over right it if you need to)
    • Group name: This is the main mail merge field used in Tenant Letters, so double check it is correct.
    • Tenancy Dates: This is a very important as palace is very date driven.
    • Date Started: The date that the tenancy actually starts - This is the date that the first rent will be receipted from.
    • Date Ended: The actual vacate date, not normally filled in until the tenant has given notice.
    • Lease End Date: The date the fixed term ends on the Lease, you can enter this in as you are entering in the tenant details. The date feeds the tenant Report - Fixed Term Ending.
    • Rent Paid to date: The date shown here, when you are first entering in a new tenant, will depend on your system settings.
    • Midnight to Midnight: The paid to date will always show as one day before the start date i.e if the start date is 2nd March, then the paid to date will show 1st March, ready to receipt the first rent from the 2nd March. The system receipts a whole day from midnight to midnight
    • Midday to Midday: The paid to date will always show the same date as the start date, the system then receipts from Midday to Midday i.e one days rent will be from 2nd March at midday to 3rd March at midday.
    • Rent Rate; The amount of rent the tenant is paying for the property
    • Rent Period: We strongly suggest you keep this to weekly, unless they are paying monthly as changing it effects the Rent summary Report.
    • Bond/Letting Fee: (Including GST)
    • Let Fee Required: This will autofill in from your defaults
    • Bond Transferred: If the tenant is transferring bond from another property, enter that amount here.
    • Bond Required: This is the amount of bond that you require less the amount transferred i.e $900 is total bond, but $500 is being transferred so you would enter $400 in this field.
    • Bond Total: The total of the Bond transferred and the Bond required fields
    • Bond Number: Each bond when lodged with the Bond Centre is given an individual bond number, enter that here.
    • Planned Rent Change: This area is part of the whole rent increase process in palace. Click here for more information or go to the Rent Increase Help File.


Click on the Options Tab:


The Options Area: This area can be used for tenants who pay separately or just to record separate tenant mobile numbers.

If the tenants all pay separate: Then enter their names and addresses and then the amount they are going to pay and how they are going to pay it.

If you are just going to enter tenant names and their mobile numbers - then don't put any rental amounts into any of the fields.

Tenancy Address: The property address automatically fills in this area, if you want to send the tenants mail to a different address, you can over ride it.

Rent Changes: Rent changes can be added here and the automatic planned rent change area fills this in. For more information see the Rent Changes help file.

Notes Tab: Ideal for any information on the tenancy. - Not for diary notes.

TINZ: This is the link to Tenancy Information New Zealand, you must be a member of TINZ for the link to work. For more information go to

1Form: This is service for tenants to fill in their information via a website and then you can get the application number, you can then enter in the number and Palace will fill out the information for you. For more information check out



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