How to read the Tenant List


The Tenant List Screen does a bit more than just show the list of tenants.

Rent Arrears: The right hand column is the rent owing column and amount showing here is the actual amount the tenant owes, or if there is a - in front of the figure, it is the amount they are in credit by. The amount showing does depend on th rent overdue setting in the system (see the Rent Arrears Help file for more information)

Column Headings: Click on any of the column headings and you can change the sort order of your screen. i.e Click twice on rent owing and it will sort the column into the largest amount owing at the top of the list.

Bottom of the Screen: The number of tenants in this list are totalled for you plus the total of the rent owing column.


Smartview Filter Settings:

Smartview allows you to filter the list to show only the tenants in the setting you choose. Currently you can choose from the following.

Note: When you change a view, it changes the Owners, Properties and Tenant List Screens

All: All entries will show, Commercial, Casual, Managed and Holiday

Management Current: Only entries with "Managed" in the wording under "Type" in the property edit screen. Normally Residential Managements. Will not show inactive properties or vacated tenants

Management Vacated: Any tenant with an end date, plus their related property and owner. This is an ideal view for deciding what needs to be archived.

Management Overdue: Any tenant that has an overdue rent amount, regardless of whether they are vacated or current

Holidays (All) This will filter the view to show only those Owners, Properties and Tenants that are marked Holiday


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