How to add an owner statement message to statements

There is an area in the Owner edit screen, where you can type messages to the Owner, these messages get printed on the Owners statement. It is an ideal way to get something important across to your owners.

The statement message area is individual to each Owner, there is also an area where you can put a Global message to your Owners Same message to everyone, i.e Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This can be done in the statements step of the month-end procedure or in the Tools - Standard Defaults area.

In the month end wizard, there is a place to check which owners have got messages to show on their statements. If you do not have access to the Month End wizard you can run a custom report by creating a data file in the mail merge area Click here for instructions on this.

Note: These statement messages do not auto delete, they will show every month so remember to remove the message.


Checking Owner Statement Messages in the Month End Process:

  • In the Owner Statement area of the Month End wizard, you will see a button saying "messages"
  • Click on Month End and click next until you get to the Owner Statements area
  • You will see three buttons: Process, Options and Messages

  • Click on Messages - You will see a list of Owners that are showing statement messages
  • Find the message that you would like to edit and double click on the message
  • You can change the wording here - If you want to delete the message, then you must put a space or a full stop (.) in the box and click save (It will not let you save an empty box)
  • Click close when completed and close out of Month End


A helpful idea:

We have a client who wanted all the owners to appear in the "message area" of the Owner Statements, so that she could go in during month end and write a message to an Owner etc. Currently only Owners with messages will show in this area. To overcome this, this is what she set up

  • Go into each Owner Edit screen
  • In the statement message area, type a full stop (.)
  • Then click save
  • By putting a full stop in this area, it fools Palace into thinking that there is a message there and now that Owner will show in the message area during Month End.


Setting A Global Message:

There are times when you would like to tell all your owners something but it is not big enough to send out a separate email. There are two areas you can set this.

When you are in month end, in the statement area, you will see a message area, type your comment in here. This will now show on all the statements produced this month.

Or Go to tools standard defaults

Write your message in the statement message area and click save. When you are doing month end you will be able to see that message on the statement screen so you can delete or change etc.


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