How to communication with an owner

You can communicate with your Owner through Palace by email, SMS or letter, all these functions are found in the Diary area.

To access the diary, right click on the required Owner, click on diary. (You can do this in the Property Diary as well, it depends on how the letter was originally set up) See the Diary Help File for more detailed information.


Instructions - Sending an Owner letter:

  • Right click on relevant Owner in the Owner List
  • Click on diary
  • Click on Correspondence (You can also send correspondence from the email area, this will put the letter into the body of the email instead of an attachment)
  • You can type a description in the description space.
  • Group: Select group if relevant (see full diary help file for an explanation on groups)
  • Agent: This is the name that will appear on the bottom of the letter if agent fields have been used.
  • Correspondence: Click on the drop down arrow and select the required letter from the list
  • Click on >>. The merge letter will now appear on the screen.
  • You can make changes to the letter here (These will only change in this letter, not on the template)
  • To print, click on the print icon.
  • Close out and save document, this takes you back to the diary and click on save. This letter is now saved in the diary for easy access.


Emailing an Owner:

We recommend sending your emails from within Palace because the email is then saved permanently in the Palace diary and the reply comes directly into Palace as well. (as long as you have the Domain Name set up)

  • In the Owners list, right click on the owner, select Diary. (Or Email is on the right click)
  • Click on Email (Left hand side menu)
  • If you have set an Agent signature in the Agents area, this will immediately show. Changing the Agent at top right will switch the signature.
  • Fill in the top as required. Owner's email address will automatically show if one has been entered in the edit screen.
  • Type your message in the white area, or you can use a set template from the correspondence area - Drop down the arrow besides correspondence, choose the letter you want. A pop up box will give you some information (see example) Click yes. The letter will now show, make changes if necessary and click send.


Other email features include:

  • Attaching one or more documents
  • Inserting Images
  • Viewing or editing an attachment
  • Putting in a follow up date - This will show in your reminders
  • Linking to a Diary Group
  • Request a read receipt from the recipient
  • Once you have finished your email, click send. This will also save the email in the diary and mark it as 'Sent"

NOTE: To re-send an email that was previously sent, first untick the box called Email Sent.


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