Options available on a right click of an Owner

There are extra functions available for each owner and these are found by highlighting a particular Owner and right clicking.

Details: Displays the owner's details with no editing capability.

Edit: Allows you to edit and change owner information.

Add Property: When you click here a new property screen will come up ready for entering. This is our preferred way of entering a new property. For information on entering a property into Palace, see the Property Help File.

Bank Accounts: Add, Edit or remove owner bank account details. Detailed instructions are above, or Click here

Diary: The owner diary is available here, this is the Owner diary but you can view the Property and Tenant diary from here as well. See the Diary help file for more details.

Street Map: A direct link to Google Maps will display a map showing the owner's address.

Email: Send an email directly from Palace, if you click the top one (recommended), it will bring up the Palace email template and save it in the diary. It offers mostly the same functions as Outlook etc. If you choose to use the second email (default) this will take you to your default email program i.e Outlook, but please note that this email will NOT save in the Palace diary.

Archive: Once you have finished with an Owner and the Property, you can archive them. You must archive the tenant first, then the property, then the owner. You cannot archive if they have had transactions in the current month, or if an owner or property has a non-zero balance.

Reports: These reports relate directly to this individual Owner. If you want reports for the owners as a group use the Owner Reports selection on the main menu. All available reports are listed here.

Owner Diary Entries Report: A list of all owner diary entries are included this report.

Owner Properties: A list of all the properties that this Owner has managed by you, shows the address, current rent, tenant name and start of tenancy.

Owner statement: You can view the current month statement here. In this area you can also view the other statement types to see what they look like. (Changing a type here will not change anything permanently) See appendix for examples of the statements.

Owner Transactions: A complete record of all transactions, receipts, payments and charges that can be viewed by date range.

Owner Work Orders: Bring up a list of works orders for this Owners. You can choose by date range and view either completed or open work orders.

Owner Year End statements: You would usually print this at the end of a financial year, it gives a breakdown of all the receipts and expenses over the year. It is date selected so you can go back to a previous year. To run a "Year End Statement" for all owners - go to the Owner Reports Area.


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