How to process the Inspection (after uploaded from Device)

Once you have completed the inspection, you need to process it in Palace so that the following can take place

Charge the Owner - takes the money and GST from the property and moves it into the Inspection Ledgers

Rolls the inspection over by the frequency i.e 13 weeks to the next due date.

  • Click on Home - Click on the Charges Tab
  • You will see two separate areas. Chargeable and Insufficient Funds. Chargeable means the owner has enough money and you can process. You can process the Insufficient funds as well but you must be aware that this will overdraw the owner and risk overdrawing the Trust Account.
  • Note: If you are under Strict Audit Control, Palace will not allow you to do this.
  • NOTE: If you have done an inspection in advance of it's due date, go into the Control - Property Inspections area and adjust the next date to the date you completed it. Return to the Home screen reminders to see that inspection in the list.
  • Tick the properties you want to process

  • Click on the blue processing arrow (Not the one with the arrow and the line)
  • A pop up box will appear, say yes.
  • This will take you to the Transaction screen, click on Process

The funds will be taken off the property and moved to the Inspection Ledger

The inspection will be rolled over to the new inspection date. The Control - Property Inspections area and each property diary will be updated.


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