How to create inspection notification letters

There are two ways to produce the Inspection Notification letters to the tenants

Individually through correspondence: - Right click a tenant, go to Diary, click on correspondence - see Diary help file for more information

Bulk mail merge for many tenants

  • Click on Control - Document Mailmerge - Select - Tenancy
  • Under Template - Select the Inspection Notification Letter
  • Then under Filter - Filter by agent. Pick yourself and then click on the Funnel
  • Then Filter again and select by Inspections - Click on the Funnel

Note: If you are using Grids and want to filter by Grid, then click on Filter and choose By Reminders, Click on the Funnel, then pick the group inspections and you can then filter by Grid

  • Once you have everyone showing on your list. Check it off against the Reports.

  • Click on the "Merge Template" Button. This will take you to the letter.
  • Your letter will now show on the screen. Make any necessary changes here

  • Click on Mailings and then you can click on the blue arrows to see the merge and when you are ready click on the Big Merge and Print button
  • Follow the prompts through
  • When completed close out, or repeat the procedure with Email All.
  • If necessary Under Control Mail Merge Tenants, you can select SMS and send out reminders.

NOTE: These letters, emails or SMS messages will be saved in each tenant diary as long as you have clicked yes to the question that pops up during the mail merge.


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