How to prepare for your inspections

Print the upcoming inspection report

Prepare and send the Inspection Notification Letter to your tenants

Inspection Report

There are two inspection reports available in Palace

Control - Property Inspections: This report will give you a snap shot of the details already showing on the screen - A handy report but does not give the tenant name, contact details or key details

Property Reports Inspections: This report is the better one for planning inspections. It gives you all the information you will need to prepare the letters and get ready to do the inspections

  • Click on Property Reports - Inspections
  • Make your selections

  • Date Range: The dates that you are going to cover, this will include all inspections with a due date within this date range.
  • Grid: If you use Grids to sort your inspections (more information on Grids to follow) enter them here.
  • Agent: Select the agent you are doing the report for
  • Choose what type i.e Unprocessed, Processed or Both
  • Unprocessed - Inspections that have not been charged and forwarded to the next frequency i.e Inspections that are falling due
  • Processed - Inspections that have been charged and forwarded to the next frequency i.e Completed inspections
  • Sort Options: Choose from Street, Grid or Date.
  • Click on Preview - The report will look like this.

NOTE: This report is ideal to use when setting up the mail merge letters to check you have the correct tenants and properties.


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