How to Match Transactions for the first time

  • Right click on the Transactions that you wish to Match

  • Select "Match Tenant"
  • Select the tenant from the drop down box
  • The screen will display the default amount of rent and frequency that has been set up in the Tenant Edit Screen - (See the tenant help file or click here for more information in setting up this area)
  • Check the information if correct - if the tenant has paid less or more you can change it here. Then click Ok
  • If the payment has been increased to cover water rates or maintenance invoices, fill in the boxes as required
  • The transaction totals and Statement Line totals need to match before you can carry on.
  • Once you have finished click OK
  • A pop up box will ask you if you want to save this information for future AP's. Select the relevant answer e.g  If they have just paid less as a one off, then you would want to click NO to saving this setting permanently, if the change is permanent then say "yes" in the matched column.
  • Continue down to match any other payments that need matching.
  • If you have some that you cannot match, click on the printer at the top of screen and print out a list of unmatched tenants.
  • Once completed, click on Process

Don't forget to enter in manually any receipt that you do not match i.e Cash Banking

Further Note: You can also match a transaction to an Owner but these details will not be saved on an Owner record. All cash deposits will show on this import as well, these are left unmatched and you present the banking as normal when doing your reconciliation.

When you match a tenant, it creates a Bank Match Code that is recorded in the Tenant Edit screen.



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