How to Import the Bank Statement - Daily

Below are the day to day instructions On Page (or click here) you will find the instructions on Matching Tenants

  • Go online to your bank and download a CSV file of your statement, save onto your desktop. (Do not open the file)
  • In Palace - Click on Transactions
  • Click on the drop down arrow next to the box on the right hand side of the screen (Batch Transactions) - Select "Import Bank Statement" and click on >> which will bring up the Browse screen, Check you have the correct bank account

  • Click on "Import" (Bottom of the screen) Browse to the file on your desktop, Highlight the downloaded file and click OK. (There should only be one there, we STRONGLY suggest you do not save previous files, they are not needed and you could click on the wrong one)
  • A list of Transactions will appear on your screen
  • Click on "Match" (Nothing will happen if this is your first time) see below
  • The list will change, A "Yes" will appear next to all the transactions that have matched.
  • You will probably have some that have not matched. If you know, who these belong to you can match manually - Right click and click on Match tenant

Note: Sometimes a previously matched tenant will show as unmatched, this usually means the amount is different, they may have paid less or more than normal. E.g Palace may have processed a rent increase for them, but they have not increased their rent as yet. This will mark as unmatched.



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